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Italy 2018 - Day 2, Florence, again .... The Uffizzi

I know I posted a few pictures from the Uffizzi but am going to post a load more.  The reason is that I posted a few pictures on Instagram, with a cross-post to Facebook, and a good friend of mine was actually in Florence on a day trip about the time I was (we should check if it was the same day!!).  She and her husband were celebrating their Ruby anniversary with a cruise, and had a day in Florence ... but like I said the queues were horriffic.  As they didn't have long they didn't attempt the queue.

Anyway I have known Liz over 50 years (and that is scary to type!!), and she and her father are both artists ... so am going to post a lot more of the pictures  - not ideal but a belated Ruby wedding gift.

 photo DSC_0298 2_zps2fh7nqdv.jpg photo Part of the queue_zpszpyjfjqg.jpg
Leopoldo de Medici. 1622, Justus Suttermans
 photo Leopoldo de Medici.  1622 Justus Suttermans_zps8rezzg5o.jpg
Isabella Brandt. 1626, Pieter Paul Rubes
 photo Isabella Brandt.  1626 Pieter Paul Rubes_zpscgc8ebob.jpg
Emperor Charles. 1621 1627, Antoon Van Dyke
 photo Emperor Charles.  1621  1627 Antoon Van Dyke_zps1jdr3vrt.jpg
Michelangilo & Caravaggio. 1596, Medusa
 photo Michelangilo amp Caravaggio. 1596 Medusa_zpsrbdqbsaf.jpg
 photo DSC_0356_zpsdnys8rnz.jpg
Adoration of the Magi - unfinished. 1482, Leonardo da Vinci
 photo Adoration of the Magi - unfinished.  1482 Leonardo da Vinci_zpsqtrcprbm.jpg
Adoration of the Magi. 1496, Filippino Lippi
 photo Adoration of the Magi.  1496 Filippino Lippi_zpsmmnyxcl6.jpg
Eleonara di Toledo and her son, Giovanni de Medici. 1545, Agnoto Tori detto il Bronzino
 photo Eleonara di Toledo and her son Giovanni de Medici.  1545 Agnoto Tori detto il Bronzino_zps1iue74h0.jpg
 photo Zeus ndash 2nd century_zpsb5p26wwd.jpg

 photo DSC_0342_zpsgthtmup9.jpg
 photo DSC_0341_zpsmusmljcy.jpg
 photo Adam amp Eve.  1528 Lukas Cranach the Elder_zpsaw0prmja.jpg
 photo DSC_0338_zpsgaiunpy5.jpg
 photo DSC_0336_zpsamaokjzw.jpg
 photo DSC_0335_zpsadtc7hbq.jpg
Holy family with the young St John the Baptist, 1505.  Michaelangelo
 photo DSC_0332_zpsqwmxkoto.jpg
Roman - Hermaphrodite
 photo Roman - Hermaphrodite 2_zpsfka9xf5i.jpg
 photo Roman - Hermaphrodite 1_zpsojjkemmr.jpg
View from one of the windows - the Ponte Vecchio
 photo the Ponte Vecchio  4_zpspxd23gzk.jpg

 photo DSC_0325_zpspcvsrsow.jpg
 photo DSC_0324_zpsyandwg3o.jpg
 photo DSC_0323_zpsylx2esdh.jpg
Spring,  1480.  Botticelli
 photo DSC_0317_zpsnq52ghuo.jpg
Annunciation of the Virgin.   1481, Botticelli
 photo DSC_0315_zpscrrbl7zp.jpg
 photo DSC_0314_zpsiaclixkd.jpg
Annunciation of the Virgin.   1440 Filippo Lippi
 photo DSC_0312_zps8tcf3dgq.jpg
 photo DSC_0311_zpsaqdapznc.jpg
Madonna of the Pomegranate.  1487, Botticelli
 photo DSC_0320_zpsnxfhrlqe.jpg
 photo DSC_0310_zpsy1mu0qdd.jpg
Botticelli - Venus
 photo Bottecceli - Venus_zpsd0x6tjl1.jpg
 photo DSC_0309_zpsxcrbrqxq.jpg
Baptism of Christ. 1470, Leonardo di Vinci & Andrea del Verocchio
 photo Baptism of Christ.  1470 Leonardo di Vinci amp Andrea del Verocchio_zpsf0ykkzys.jpg
Medici coat of arms
 photo DSC_0308_zps9dhfacpn.jpg

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