Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Italy 2018 - Day 3, Arezzo

This town I had never heard of is the place where I was actually staying ... Arezzo

It may have been unknown before I went, but I really enjoyed the visit

View from the castle (including the cemetery!)
 photo DSC_0532_zpsmlxwpp57.jpg
 photo DSC_0529_zps8dhvjmvk.jpg

Arezzo had a set of horses around the city
 photo DSC_0527_zpsmikwhb7l.jpg
 photo DSC_0483_zpsef7jsvt4.jpg
 photo DSC_0503_zpsh0hagwqf.jpg
 photo DSC_0501_zpshhqsxs3l.jpg
And in the fort -
 photo DSC_0525_zpsxxlw3hj4.jpg

General Arezzo
 photo DSC_0497_zpsuh3dduiy.jpg
 photo DSC_0492_zpsghsaenvg.jpg
 photo DSC_0430_zpsq2dhinrp.jpg

Cathedral of Saint Donatus 0 Pope Gregory X is buried here
 photo DSC_0434_zpswimkkmht.jpg
 photo DSC_0474_zpsythye8kf.jpg
When Pope Benedictus XVI visited in 2012 this new lecten was made
 photo DSC_0449_zpsn0bh8e5h.jpg
 photo DSC_0445_zps1tijq8qr.jpg
 photo DSC_0442_zpssk5i2wmf.jpg

Santa Maria della Pieve: where the head and thumb of St Catherine are displayed
 photo DSC_0409_zpslwldn2xt.jpg
 photo DSC_0411_zpsanroljdc.jpg

The city walls
 photo DSC_0406_zpsyogaie6m.jpg
Tags: camera, history, holiday 2018, horses, italy

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