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Sorry Folks .... More Photos

I honestly don't know whether people want to see photos any more.  I suppose it doesn't help that I have been a bit of an intermittant LJer this year.  However I shall post a few from my 2 day birthday weekend.  If you don't want to see them, just feel free to skip.

My actual birthday was spent with Brenda ... we had a truly great day at Stourhead Stately Home. In "English" calenders the lake at Stourhead is often pictured, and it was certainly beautiful.  The house is stunning, as well ... as was the view we had from King Alfred's Tower (after climbing the 205 steps!!)

I just loved this cabinet - I still think I could have got it into my car to take home!
 photo 36177182_1631577073606171_8672650907592163328_n_zpsrl7gwzcy.jpg
Oooops - It looks as if I need to lighten some of the photos
 photo DSC_0914_zpsk6mnoon2.jpg
 photo DSC_0903_zpsqqei6iph.jpg
 photo DSC_0896_zpsbeorxals.jpg
Love the library steps
 photo DSC_0878_zpsyjnczkkd.jpg
 photo DSC_0876_zpsw3uix0kx.jpg
 photo DSC_0868_zpskqi0i7jr.jpg
 photo DSC_0867_zpsubv0oust.jpg

The house
 photo DSC_0859_zpsq0ippbtg.jpg

Brenda in the greenhouse
 photo DSC_0929_zpsq7qzci2k.jpg

 photo DSC_0017_zps4o4ty0eo.jpg
 photo DSC_0016_zpssggnilou.jpg
Inside one of the temples
 photo DSC_0004_zpscotjijcf.jpg
 photo DSC_0997_zpstuk5ew3p.jpg
Part of the grotto
 photo DSC_0985_zps77jun0vw.jpg
 photo DSC_0978_zpsykpv1ur9.jpg

The Church photo DSC_0029_zpsbgl3hcgt.jpg
 photo DSC_0031_zpswax3rxvi.jpg

The view from King Alfred's Tower
 photo DSC_0946_zpsheqbyryz.jpg
 photo DSC_0935_zpslvurcbkd.jpg
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