Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

WWI ... # 4

Tyne Cott Cemetery is the largest in Ypres, and used for those from the battle of Passchendale.

 photo Tyne Cott Cemetery 14_zpsaqphztxj.jpg
 photo Tyne Cott Cemetery 13_zpsdl3cue1e.jpg
 photo Tyne Cott Cemetery 12_zpsjzrrgcnw.jpg
 photo Tyne Cott Cemetery 5_zpsi7r1ztym.jpg
 photo Tyne Cott Cemetery 4_zpswn1ekk7a.jpg

Yet another cemetery - this one called Hooge Crater
 photo Hooge Crater Cemetery 10_zpscqt3kcit.jpg
 photo Hooge Crater Cemetery 4_zpsmp8gghey.jpg

As part of the trip we went to a lot of museums, including Hooge Crater Museum.  Hard to realise how much these show of everyday life.  Every year to this day, farmers still dig up live incendury, and bodies, in field they have used every year since 1919.
 photo Hooge Crater Museum 47_zpsg61bmkjr.jpg
 photo Hooge Crater Museum 43_zpshtmyqcqi.jpg
 photo Hooge Crater Museum 42_zpssxmgxxjm.jpg
 photo Hooge Crater Museum 32_zpsk4wyo9an.jpg
 photo Hooge Crater Museum 20_zpstuxmaofe.jpg
 photo Hill 62 amp Sanctury Wood 13_zps1mghgj5n.jpg
 photo German Trenches at Hooge Crater Museum 9_zpsewzwanty.jpg

The Christmas Truce - famous, for the football match that took place ... and we went to it's location.
 photo Christmas Truce 2_zpskndwqxe4.jpg

 photo Hyde Park Corner 9_zpstyzvbbrg.jpg
 photo Hyde Park Corner 5_zpsxrm3hurl.jpg
 photo Hill 62 amp Sanctury Wood 31_zpskdclmnov.jpg
 photo Hill 62 amp Sanctury Wood 26_zpsngvag2vu.jpg
 photo Hill 62 amp Sanctury Wood 18_zpsxdpojwcl.jpg
 photo Hill 62 amp Sanctury Wood 17_zpsfshuccnm.jpg

This is where Granddad spent much of the battle of Passchendale
 photo Glencourse Wood ... 10th August 1917 2_zpsfwfwidsb.jpg
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