Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

WWI ... # 2

So, I am still on my last day - in the area of the battle of the Somme ... and yes, my Granddad went "over the top" on July 1st ... and survived the day. That July 1st is known as the "Bloodiest day in the British Army"

My suprise, as you see the land, is that any survived!

Picture heavy again

Looking across the battlefields towards the Thiepville Memorial
 photo DSC_0872_zps48ovx3rm.jpg
These woods (were stumps) is where my Granddad was based in July - September 1916
 photo Trone Woods 3_zpsef85jlzc.jpg
A few pieces from the museum
 photo Somme Museum Peronne 48_zpsk7nnq6tf.jpg
 photo Somme Museum Peronne 36_zpscd4iatr8.jpg
Sorry, but seeing the kit laid out like, looked a little creepy to me
 photo Somme Museum Peronne 20_zpstvals7ww.jpg
 photo Somme Museum Peronne 12_zpsvokclzw2.jpg
 photo Somme Museum Peronne 9_zpsdud5kpcc.jpg
Granddad was in the Northamptonshire Regiment
 photo Dud Corner Cemetery 9_zps9g1tkzx8.jpg
The Queen Mother's brother's name
 photo Dud Corner Cemetery 6_zpsql1iqgfm.jpg
 photo Dud Corner Cemetery 2_zpswgl33sh4.jpg

Vimy Ridge - held by the Canadians
 photo Vimy Ridge 6_zpsa31c2ofk.jpg
 photo Vimy Ridge 4_zpstbswfmyy.jpg

French graves
 photo DSC_0749_zps5mrrpn4u.jpg
German Graves
 photo DSC_0736_zpsgqtmsext.jpg

ARRAS .... rebuilt as it was pre-1914
 photo Arras 11_zps0lo7lzhq.jpg
 photo Arras 6_zpszd4xbcdw.jpg
Arras Cemetery - the memorial to the Royal Flying Corps, The Naval Air Service, and the Royal Air Force (formed when the 2 were amalgamated 1/4/18)
 photo Flying Services Memorial 5_zpst0qkoqcx.jpg
 photo Arras Cametery 20_zpspgjoohqz.jpg
 photo Arras Cametery 12_zpsqqxbtnkf.jpg
 photo Arras Cametery 9_zpsm8nxa6ba.jpg
 photo Arras Cametery 8_zpsbgcqetho.jpg
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