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WWI ... # 1

I am back!

Hot and exhausted from an amazing week in Italy. Yes, I will post some photos, but thought I ought to catch up with the long overdue WWI pictures. I shall actually post them in the reverse order of the trip, as that's the way by pictures are loaded and I am too lazy (or too busy) to reverse them!)

This is the end of the trip - Thiepville memorialle, Beaumont Hamel, the Lochnagar Crater and the Ulster Tower (where North & South Ireland fought together)

Warning - it is picture heavy! ....
This is int he museum there - the pictures are regularily changed ... just to personalise the graves
 photo Thiepval 43_zpsi2fhi4mw.jpg
These are rifle bullets that were melted and fused together when an ammunition train blew up 8/9/1916
 photo Thiepval 38_zps6fsuxyzo.jpg
Part of am amazing image depicting all aspects of the war ... it took up both sides of the room
 photo Thiepval 35_zpsehgl5pqg.jpg
 photo Thiepval 34_zpsmyg6n5ux.jpg
The memorial at Thiepville to the Somme ... and a tourist
 photo Thiepval 14_zpscuxywfe8.jpg
300 unknown French graves, and 300 Commenwealth graves (only 10 named)
 photo Thiepval 9_zpsngo0sfcr.jpg

 photo Thiepval 7_zpsrpjw5th4.jpg

 photo Thiepval 6_zpsw08g1ohf.jpg

 photo Thiepval 4_zpscv8gxpar.jpg

Beaumont Hamel ... the Newfoundland emblem always faces towards where his men fought.
 photo Beaumont Hamel 16_zps2aljq083.jpg
Some of the trenches
 photo Beaumont Hamel 10_zpscurdjfr7.jpg

 photo Beaumont Hamel 5_zpsu5dijx1a.jpg

 photo Ulster Tower 12_zpsgmvij964.jpg

The Ulster Tower - the whole of Ireland fought here (after the Easter Uprising)
 photo Ulster Tower 1_zpsgpelxjsd.jpg

The Lochnagar Crater - where some of the mines worked by Commenwealth Tunnellers blew up
 photo Lochnagar Crater 12_zpsze7ntmtx.jpg

An original Calvary, still surviving where it has for over 100 years
 photo DSC_0899_zpsw1lllgj0.jpg

Caterpiller Valley Cemetery - this is where the grave of the Unknown Soldier for New Zealand was chosen from
 photo Caterpiller Valley Cemetery 14_zps4thbsv9z.jpg
 photo Caterpiller Valley Cemetery 7_zpsaszxoi5d.jpg
 photo Caterpiller Valley Cemetery 1 - Copy_zps84lb7ea9.jpg

More to come
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