Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Castle Drogo 1

A couple of weeks ago Christine and I went to Castle Drogo. We were fairly lucky with the weather, so that was a bonus.

The house had a few things packed away as they were in the middle of a 6 year project to repair the roof ... by removing the old one, replacing it, and then placing another "roof" on top to protect it. I took a deap breath and went up to see the work -

Views from the grounds
 photo DSC_0718_zpsbguqydez.jpg
The Chapel
 photo DSC_0717_zpsqa2vmptj.jpg
Some done - some not
 photo DSC_0715_zpsfkij3aqm.jpg

 photo DSC_0698_zpsiib4jjjf.jpg
Up on the roof
 photo DSC_0697_zpsojsb2n9u.jpg

 photo DSC_0695_zpssbxa5v7w.jpg
Looking down onto another part of the roof
 photo DSC_0693_zpsysb0gdg6.jpg

 photo DSC_0692_zpsap40y4ph.jpg
Ready to go exploring
 photo DSC_0691_zpspz5y6d0q.jpg
In the grounds ... large seed pods
 photo DSC_0637_zps6ygwpn4p.jpg
... and Christine
 photo DSC_0636_zpsrcgyisg5.jpg
The formal gardens
 photo DSC_0633_zpskid6atyh.jpg

 photo DSC_0632_zpsinuzlioy.jpg

 photo DSC_0631_zpsvqgdogza.jpg

 photo DSC_0630_zpsarthsykm.jpg
Near the Wendy House
 photo DSC_0623_zpsxeogezhz.jpg
In the gardener's office building!
 photo DSC_0616_zpshc56ghl2.jpg

 photo DSC_0615_zpszmzel1bt.jpg

 photo DSC_0614_zpsynyremyc.jpg
Tags: camera, christine, day trip, devon, holiday 2018, national trust

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