Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

What A Week!!

So much for being around more!

Still it was nice to be earning ome more money, but was tiring!  So I did my normal 3 mornings of nursing in a urology clinic - then the other 3 1/2 days in the same department but on reception.  So it was good to be challenged!

However to make things more hectic, Exeter Churches were having a challenge week called Joyfest.  The idea was to make people smile.  I had decided to do some baking for the department ... so coming in later from work I then started cooking ... well afet I had taken Jiffy for his walk, of course!  The staff at the department said the biscuits made them smile ... and fat!

Jiffy had his hair cut on Friday, with the sad news that his hairdresser saying she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  So that was tough to hear, although she is being very positive about her early diagnosis.

Went to Mum & Dad's neighbours while Jiffy was being trimmed, so it was great to catch up with them ... although weird to walk past M&D's house.  The people have actually moved in, at long last (18 months after we moved out)..   What they have done in this time is hard to see, as the old curtains are still up etc.

So, I am up to date again.

Another full week of work ahead of me - so I will try to catch up with comments over the coming days

Group hugs
Tags: church, cooking, jiffy, rde, work

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