Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Day Trip To Lanhydrock 1

Another Bank Holiday .. another Day-Trip.

The weather was good, and it was nice to re-visit a Stately Home that I had been to before (the advantage of being a member of the National Trust).

This trip was to Lanhydrock in Cornwall. Much of the house is Victorian, due to a fire, but some do date back to the 16th century.

Looking down on the house
 photo DSC_0602_zpsoxkoeauy.jpg

 photo DSC_0587_zpsftzzi4wf.jpg
The Long Gallery ... still the original
 photo DSC_0579_zpsj2jr9mxt.jpg
David & Goliath
 photo DSC_0585_zpsmgpts3pu.jpg
Noah & the Ark
 photo DSC_0584_zpsbsgmdhhu.jpg
Adam & Eve being thrown out of Eden
 photo DSC_0583_zpsjgguwgdu.jpg

 photo DSC_0577_zpspd2xct59.jpg
The original owner - John Robartes
 photo DSC_0575_zpsqufmtu2r.jpg

 photo DSC_0571_zpskwg0lsos.jpg

 photo DSC_0569_zpsnvjz5llo.jpg

 photo DSC_0567_zpszvelinjn.jpg
His Lordship's bathroom (above), but he preferred a slipper bath (lower)
 photo DSC_0566_zpsuurzipvd.jpg
As Victorian & Edwardian M.P.s, they travelled a lot to London
 photo DSC_0563_zpsinsxxb4r.jpg
Staff quarters
 photo DSC_0562_zps3s8rrajn.jpg

 photo DSC_0558_zpsrfssnf24.jpg

 photo DSC_0555_zpspvizif31.jpg

 photo DSC_0553_zpsnf5mcuog.jpg

 photo DSC_0551_zpsvqevk7se.jpg

 photo DSC_0549_zps3ryqzpga.jpg
Men only!
 photo DSC_0539_zpscp6wgvwa.jpg

 photo DSC_0536_zpsd04kydch.jpg

 photo DSC_0533_zpsisuw69us.jpg
 photo DSC_0529_zps22yqyzs7.jpg

 photo DSC_0524_zpsbbt2dmhi.jpg

 photo DSC_0523_zpszkrnerrp.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_zpsi4yji0ty.jpg
The table as set for lunch on 11/6/1950 .... The King & Queen came for lunch
 photo DSC_0516_zpsbefb94z3.jpg

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