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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
20 Icons 
30th-Apr-2018 04:43 pm
Still am sorting out holiday photos ... but got delayed so I could finish off this set of icons.  They are for Round 12 of monthlyinspo and the  theme is "Into The Woods" ... and as we were thinking of greens, I chose to do my 20 icons from M*A*S*H

So, here are my 3 teasers ...

 photo 316mashcaps505_zpswctyso55.jpg  photo 406mashcaps22_zpsc8nro4ek.jpg      photo aug15_zps2smopm1n.jpg

1.   photo NatS13-003_zpswpqv8iuf.jpg   2.   photo 382392_20A_004_zpsqc3inorc.png   3.   photo aug15_zps2smopm1n.jpg   4.   photo 1013mashcaps243_zpstnkdxodu.jpg   5.   photo 1013mashcaps410_zpsgk802cvw.jpg

6.   photo 703mashcaps371_zpstm3f46ra.jpg   7.   photo 703mashcaps241_zps6walsj4c.jpg   8.   photo 316mashcaps367_zpso93xuel1.jpg   9.   photo 316mashcaps505_zpswctyso55.jpg   10.  photo 406mashcaps293_zpse2xrotbd.jpg

11.  photo 406mashcaps22_zpsc8nro4ek.jpg   12.  photo 402mashcaps419_zpss1k1n5ku.jpg   13.  photo 313mashcaps240_zpsfvcptzjb.jpg   14.  photo 313mashcaps75_zps1xjbvitm.jpg   15.  photo 112mashcaps507_zpsejuglafp.jpg

16.  photo 216mashcaps99_zps76eberqt.jpg   17.  photo 202mashcaps369_zpsnxyges9r.jpg   18.  photo 216mashcaps262_zpsn208feuj.jpg   19.  photo 115mashcaps480_zpswyov15wk.jpg   20.  photo 112mashcaps611_zpsokho3qen.jpg

1st-May-2018 03:20 am (UTC)
These look great - thanks for entering! I watched a heck of a lot of M*A*S*H growing up and it always hits me in the feels!

One small thing, could you please update your post to include the following, updated with your username and links:

It will make collating the voting post much easier for me :) Thanks in advance!
1st-May-2018 10:35 am (UTC)
I still love watching the series when I spot it on repeat.

Sorry about the link
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