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Day Trip 3 - Coleton Fishacre 
27th-Apr-2018 07:32 pm
And so to visit 3 ... it was immediately after Compton Castle ... we had brought sarnies, and ate in the car ... so although the weather wasn't all that great we had a lovely and full day.

This is Coleton Fishacre which is an Art Deco home .....
 photo DSC_0204_zpsro5rf904.jpg

 photo DSC_0197_zpslqvjlh1b.jpg

 photo DSC_0194_zpsm0cdsmra.jpg

 photo DSC_0188_zpsne5x5kyk.jpg

 photo DSC_0181_zpsmw4o0u8m.jpg
This is attached to the Wind Vane on the roof, so that you can always tell where the wind is coming from.
 photo DSC_0177_zpsgtjdqlbb.jpg
One of the tiles in the bathroom
 photo DSC_0160_zps93vugzq3.jpg
All the dressing tables were the same - very low central area ... weird, even though it meant there was a full length mirror.
 photo DSC_0156_zpsqrzhuisr.jpg
One of the light fittings
 photo DSC_0155_zpssctrahdh.jpg

 photo DSC_0150_zpsabjp1kme.jpg

 photo DSC_0140_zpsglgfvfc6.jpg

 photo DSC_0135_zpsoggtbo4x.jpg

 photo DSC_0134_zpsqvdvvmer.jpg

If the weather was less foggy the beach scenes would have been lovely ... we will return!
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