Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Day Trip 1 - A La Ronde

Over Easter Christine & I went to 4 different Houses.

The first of which is the 16 sided house, A La Ronde, built by 2 cousins in the 18th century to house all their collections from the European travels.

 photo DSC_0083_zpssxlyfhlr.jpg
Christine in front of the Chapel
 photo DSC_0080_zpsthf4zezs.jpg

 photo DSC_0073_zpsm9daolux.jpg
The cousin's memorial

 photo DSC_0062_zpsqymffayt.jpg
Coving decorated with feathers
 photo DSC_0057_zpsztetevn2.jpg
Some of the thousands of shells
 photo DSC_0047_zpscasz5ri8.jpg
View out of the bedroom window
 photo DSC_0044_zpssnar4dam.jpg

 photo DSC_0036_zpsiypdtdja.jpg
Love this Jacobean embroidery ... any guesses as to what it is?  It is Moses being rescued by Pharoah's daughter!
 photo DSC_0033_zpsntv4uyzg.jpg
Love the use of all the odd shapes
 photo DSC_0032_zps8ezpf2ah.jpg

 photo DSC_0022_zps9dptn0zo.jpg
Tags: camera, christine, day trip, holiday 2018

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