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Hi Folks .... Waves At You All

I am still alive ... I know that I sort of disappeared, but it is a set of vague reasons, that I can't seem to think as to where these last couple of weeks have gone.

Hope I haven't missed much ... do feel free to link me if I missed something vital. I know I have missed a few birthdays, so sorry if that was you.

Bizarrely I am going away for all of next week, as well, so I am popping in to catch up, before going into hiding again. I am actually writing this at work as I am having a weird morning. We had a full clinic, but only 3 turned up. The first was a 6 year old, who has already completed all his tests and gone; while the other 2 are both "hard work". The physiologist had trouble getting a history from them, and they keep asking me the same questions. Everything else I need to do is up to date, so while I am waiting for the next test to begin I thought I would type this on my work's email, and send it to myself, and copy and paste.

So, let me catch you up with me ... under the cut, so you can skip if you want.

Where was I when I last updated ... ooops, long time ago.

  • Jiffy had his annual check-up with Marni, his vet, which he loved!! He got the all clear, and had his annual injection. He has taken to sneezing from time to time, and Marni wonders if he is getting hay fever! he does have some days when he doesn't want to walk much, but he is coming up to 12; however yesterday the weather was gorgeous and he enjoyed a lovely walk, which was fun (and lovely) for me to see.

  • My shower died. So I decided while I was getting that done, I would get a new bath, as mine was quite shallow (I couldn't soak!!), and a new radiator, as my old one was tiny. My previous plumber didn't get back to me so I found another who was local. He came and gave a quote, and also organised a tiler ... so within 10 days of the shower dying I was all re-done. They were great in that the paintwork looked good, and the one or two bits I was able to patch up with some remaining paint.

  • For those who saw a previous post, yes I bought the new camera. Although my old one still works, I was worried that the intermittent fault would flare up while I was on holiday. I was able to see them a couple of old, large lenses, so that knocked £50 off the price. The day I bought it, unknown to me, they were doing a free camera bag and spare battery as well ... so am pleased with that, as well as with the camera.

  • When I was up in Northamptonshire in February I joined the National Trust, and Christine joined last week ... so last Friday we went to one home, Tuesday another 2, and tomorrow we are going to another one ... we both love them, and are determined to see (and re-see) as many as we can (getting our money's worth, as well as using the camera). I will post photos of each tomorrow or Saturday (I hope).

  • On better weather days I have managed to clean out the tubs in my garden ... so hopefully I will get some bright colour as the weeks progress. I had hope to power wash my patio a couple of weeks ago, but have somehow managed to lose my hose pipe ... HUH! So have bought another one, but will wait till after my holiday now.

  • Yes, early Monday morning I get a coach and am going to Northern France/Belgium to follow some of the WWI sites. I will post about it on return, but am not taking a lap-top with me, so will update, I promise in a couple of weeks time.

  • I have done a bit more sorting of my spare room - but have put that on hold now till I get back from France.

Well I think I am all back up to date again .... so, sorry again for the delay.

I will get back to the meme when I get back from my travels.
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