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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
Iolus Icons 
16th-Mar-2018 07:21 pm
I managed to get another set of icons finished ... so I may be MIA for some things, but am still getting a few icons made.  This set is for Round 103 of character20n20 ... this month I chose Iolus from Hercules.

Here are the 3 teasers-

 photo AC 4_zpsuno6vsth.jpg    photo Cat 2_zpso9zgns0n.jpg    photo Sexy_zpsl8kjvct2.jpg


Architecture In Motion Lavender Panic Sexy
 photo Architecture_zpsiqermcg6.jpg  photo In Motion_zpsibo2gjle.jpg  photo Lavender_zps4pi4j7au.jpg  photo Panic_zpsnf8zlstp.jpg  photo Sexy_zpsl8kjvct2.jpg
Song Title Sparkly Transparent White Winter Clothing
 photo Song title_zpsrelmpokr.jpg  photo Sparkle_zpsweunpfed.jpg  photo Transparent 1_zpsslmf2eap.jpg  photo White 1_zpstnlsjak2.jpg  photo Winter Clothing_zpsxfsonvdn.jpg

CATEGORY: Magnifying Text

one two three four five
 photo Cat 1_zpstse2zyi0.jpg  photo Cat 2_zpso9zgns0n.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpsojqwfvu8.jpg  photo Cat 4_zps5bxz5sxx.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpsqdvae12p.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zps3vtlzqym.jpg  photo AC 2_zpshti5onj3.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsv3hfampn.jpg  photo AC 4_zpsuno6vsth.jpg  photo AC 5_zpszgdwx4ca.jpg

And a couple of alternates -
 photo White_zpsaydm8sxd.jpg    photo Transparent 2_zps7rgqf7ts.jpg

As ever all are snaggable - credits are found at my icon journal ... d4s_icons

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