Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Saturday's Scribble

Just to show we did have snow - even if it only lasted a couple of days-
 photo DSC_0294_zpsad8ixpjn.jpg

I have spent some time this afternoon trying to both talk myself into a new camera, and then to talk myself out of it ... I will let you know which side wins!!

Now to try and keep posting I have snagged a 100 meme from kazzy_cee ....

1. Do you have a favourite sweater?
2. What’s your middle name?
3. Do you still talk to the first person you kissed?
4. Do you get on with your grandpa?
5. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?
6. What’s your favourite cartoon now?
7. Do you read the newspaper?
8. Who was the last text you sent to?
9. What does the last text you sent say?
10. If you could have any hair colour what would it be?
11. Do you like nature documentaries?
12. What is your aesthetic?
13. When did you last pet a dog?
14. Whose friend’s parents do you like the most?
15. Have you ever been on a road trip?
16. Tell me about someone you know called emma
17. Are you reading a book in english class, what is it?
18. Do you have a favourite aunt?
19. Baths or showers?
20. Skiing or sun bathing?
21. Do you kill spiders?
22. Have you ever made an ice pop?
23. Are you wearing shoes right now?
24. Tell me about you favourite primary school/elementary school teacher
25. Who was the last person you hugged?
26. Do you wear glasses?
27. Do you have a cat?
28. Do you have a favourite pair of underwear?
29. What was your last tweet?
30. Do you still use facebook?
31. Do you like birds?
32. Who was the last person you called cute?
33. Who was the last person that called you cute?
34. How did you meet your best friend?
35. Escalators or elevators?
36. Are you named after anyone, who?
37. What was your first url?
38. Autumn or winter?
39. Do you win at scrabble?
40. Put your ipod on shuffle , who is the first song that comes up by?
41. Have you ever drunk from a mason jar?
42. Can you draw?
43. What was your first profile picture?
44. Favourite tshirt?
45. Best tumblr friend?
46. When did you last run?
47. Do you like to paint your nails?
48. Did you ever do something as a kid that got you into loads of trouble?
49. Who is your favourite dog that isn’t yours?
50. Have you ever been drunk?
51. Have you ever done something you regret while drunk?
52. Do you want to kiss anyone right now?
53. Do/did you like your math teacher?
54. Do you often ride the bus?
55. Do you have a fireplace in your house?
56. Are you violent when you’re angry?
57. Do you cry when you’re angry?
58. Favourite Harry potter book?
59. Can you remember your last dream?
60. Do you go to bed early or late?
61. Do you speak a second language?
62. Who was your first ever best friend?
63. Have you ever had an operation?
64. Tell me about your favourite cousin
65. Do you have a piece of clothing that doesn’t even fit you anymore but you can’t bare to throw away?
66. Have you ever been in a musical?
67. Do you have a porch?
68. How many times have you watched your favourite movie?
69. What do you order at McDonalds?
70. Do you get on with old people?
71. Science fiction or romance?
72. Do you take naps?
73. How many classes do you/did you take in high-school?
74. When did it last snow where you live?
75. Does it ever snow where you live?
76. How many months until your birthday?
77. How much charge does your computer have right now?
78. What is your favourite Disney channel movie?
79. The city or the sea side?
80. What is your least favourite colour?
81. Do you have homework/household paperwork to do?
82. Are you still friends with your first best friend?
83. Do you have/are you the gay cousin?
84. Do you own dungarees?
85. Do you like to play sport?
86. What was your favourite ever Christmas present?
87. How old are you?
88. What is your mum’s name?
89. Do you ever use internet explorer?
90. Have you ever had blonde hair?
91. Is their a play park near your house?
92. When did you last see the person you have a crush on?
93. Who did you last talk to on the phone?
94. Pants or dresses?
95. Do you read fan fiction?
96. What is you’re favourite blog?
97. Do you write poetry?
98. Drama or comedy?
99. Have you ever had a hickey?
100. Tags

100 Meme, question 1 - Do you have a favourite sweater?
I have a couple I like. One of which is a cheapo one I bought last November, but wear it a lot as it's beige and orange, it goes with most things. I also have a maroon coloured one, that was a favourite of mum's, and I liked her in it ... and now love wearing it myself!!

And now back to watching my DVD - Marx Brothers, Duck Soup
Tags: 100 meme, camera, jiffy, marx brothers, snow

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