Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Trying To Post Something Each Day

We still have snow here (although it did only arrive yesterday). It is as deep as Jiffy's legs, but today is frozen on top. I can't get to the gym, as you can guess, but there again a walk into work, and then home, and then taking Jiffy for a short patrol .... my legs have had a superb workout!! (And this time I get paid for it!!).

I don't normally work on a Friday but the hospital declared an incident, and all local staff were asked to do some more work. Thy were so glad I phoned in they were happy for me to only do 4 hours. It was actually nice to be back on the wards ... and was actually recognised by the senior matron, so after 5 years that was nice.

Hoping everyone else is keeping safe & warm
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, jiffy, rde, snow, work

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