Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Catching Up ..... And Finishing The Meme

Yet again I must apologise for being MIA ... and more importantly for missing a load of birthdays. I have been able to catch up with comments, and will try to keep up, again.

Today we have at long last got snow ... only a few flakes this morning, but now steadily snowing, so, as I have no plans to travel things should be OK ... just hope I manage to get a few photos before it all goes again. Jiffy can't understand why the floor is so cold, but at long last he has settled down again (although probably sulking at his lack of 2nd walk today).

Well, as I said, I somehow got way behind with the February meme, so will be a good girl and finish it ... read if you wish, up to you.

February 20 - if you could have the perfect day, how would it go?

I would start the day with a cooked English breakfast (cooked for me, of course), and then take Jiffy for a walk.
Then I would "transport" myself to an English city, where I could walk, and photograph, and enjoy.  Lunch would be a MacD's!
Then back home for dinner, a Chinese take away .... and then sprawl on the settee (with Jiffy), and watch a film on TV.

February 21 - if you could have the perfect meal, what would it be?

Roast Chicken leg, chips, peas & mushrooms, followes by a lemon cheesecake (made by Brenda, as she has a wonderful recipe)

February 22 - if you had to permanently leave your home country, where would you go?

USA ... but where ... I have enjoyed my visit to San Francisco last year, so maybe there

February 23 - What is your first political memory?

My first chance to vote ,,, exciting, but sadly a European Parliament, which I thought was a let-down for a first vote!!

February 24 - When is the last time you were completely wrong about something?

All joking apart, possibly when I left Auntie Mary's.  I had forgotten that I had already turned the car round, so turned again, and got the villages in the wrong order ... so went back to the hotel via the "scenic route"

February 25 - What do you prefer to be called? Who named you that and why? Where did it come from?

Deborah ... although Debs is OK.  The family annoyingly call me Deb.
I was named by Mum & Dad, and my name was one that was fairly popular, but also one that was in the Bible.
My middle name, Jacqueline, is the femine version of James, which was Dad's middle name.

February 26 - How many apps are open on your phone?

None - I only use my phone to ring people, or text.

February 27 - Five topics you’d like to download to your brain, and why?

French ... I feel really terrible that years of trying to learn the language, and I still cant.
On a similar topic my second would be the words "please" and "thank you" in all European languages, so I can at least be polite.
My own Sat-Nav, so I can get to places, both while driving, and while sight-seeing.
Memories of Mum & Dad's voices, as I have already forgotten them.
The ability to play my clarinet without music.

February 28 - Best moment of the month

Easy - seeing Auntie Mary ... closely followed by having the family here to celebrate Claire's 50th.

Hope everyone keeps safe ... and warm.
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