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20 Icons

We had more than 20 days to complete round 11 of monthlyinspo , which was good, because although it sounded a relatively easy challenge ... it wasn't!!  And some of you may have noticed that I have been missing ... well I have been keeping busy-ish, but sadly my CFS has kicked in.  So I have spent a lot of time sleeping, and therefore am way behind with things ... but at least I got 20 icons done.

We were given a theme of doing 20 icons to tell the story of a book.  I chose to summarise The Bible, yes, all 66 books.  Anyway, here are the 3 teasers -

 photo 17 - Easter_zpsma1fnubq.jpg    photo 11 - Jesus heals_zpsmgan1p11.jpg    photo 6 - Psalms_zps08rxtaoc.jpg

1.   photo 1_zpsiizcwcm2.jpg   2.   photo 2 - Creation_zpsqajm9ghd.jpg   3.   photo 3 - Jacobs ladder_zpspyvnmrx8.jpg   4.   photo 4 - Moses - Pharoah_zpsrdd0gcrb.jpg   5.   photo 4a - Ten commandments_zps8hkkpjem.jpg

6.   photo 5 - Judges_zpsamiibotr.jpg   7.   photo 6 - Psalms_zps08rxtaoc.jpg   8.   photo 7 - Jonah amp whale_zps8nneaiun.jpg    9.   photo 8 - Daniel_zpspra51rda.jpg   10.  photo 9 - 3 Kings_zpsltgh8t6h.jpg

11.  photo 9a - 12 desciples_zpshifzafkg.jpg   12.  photo 10 - Feeding 5000_zpsgbxbourk.jpg   13.  photo 10a - Losst sheep_zpsdgot1zgm.jpg   14.  photo 11 - Jesus heals_zpsmgan1p11.jpg   15.  photo 15 - Palm Sunday_zpsx38blpct.jpg

16.  photo 16 - 30 pieces of silver_zpsmireynuz.jpg   17.  photo 17 - Easter_zpsma1fnubq.jpg   18.  photo 18 - Acts_zps5vgphl4n.jpg   19.  photo 19 - Epistles_zpsi8i0lglu.jpg   20.  photo 20 - Heaven Hell_zps3wirv2id.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, and credits can be found in my icon journal - d4s_icons

So, to summarise the Bible, I have tried to pick a few key times and scenes ... well, ones that I could make icons for anyway!!

The Bible starts with God saying "Let there be light" (1), and over the 6 days He created land, animals and humans (2).  The Old Testament follows the history of the Jews, and one of the early patriachs was Jacob and one night on his travels he had a vision of Angels going up and down a ladder to Heaven(3).  His whole family moved to Egypt during a famine, but as the years passed they were turned into slaves (4), which, with God's help they eventually escaped.

On the way to their promised land they were given help and instrutions by God (5) ... but over the years they forgot these things and needed Judges to remind them of these laws, and of God (6).  Eventually things settled as they had Kings, one of which was David, who wrote a lot of new songs (7).  However things returned to "normal" and God again needed to send missionaries to remind them (8 & 9).

We start the New Testament with the Jews in captivity under the Romans ... and Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  He was visited by shepherds, and later by Magi (although as the song sais it may have been 3 kings - 10!!).

As Jesus grew up and became a n adult, He started travelling and speaking to those He met.  He had 12 desciples to support and help Him (11).  Over the next 3 years He did many miracles (12 & 14), and preached my parables (13).  He life on earth culminated in a ride into Jerusalem on a donkey (15), being proclaimed King; but the following week He was sold for 30 pieces of silver (16), before being crucified ... and rising again 3 days later (17)

After He returned to Heaven His followers travelled and spread the news of Jesus' life (18), and wrote letters to the fledgling Churches (19).  The final book of The Bible is the description of the final battle of Armageddon (etc) ... and God's judgement of all, sending them to Heaven & Hell (20).

I know that many of you won't agree with these words, and treat the Bible as a story.  For me I believe it, but whatever your beliefs, I hope the icons portray the image I have tried to show.

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