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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
Holiday - February 2018 (4) .... Lyveden New Bield 
19th-Feb-2018 06:21 pm
Stone sculpture
It was constructed for Sir Thomas Tresham, a fervent Roman Catholic, and is thought to have been designed by Robert Stickells. The exact date is unknown but can be estimated to circa 1604–05, the year of Tresham's death. It wasn't finished by this time, and as Robert Catesby was a cousin, the family lost everything after the Gunpowder Plot was discovered.

Lyveden New Build is built in a cross shape, with a lot of religious images carved in place.

A century later stone had been attempted to remove, but due to the amazing workmanship, that proved impossible, so the building was preserved to this day.

 photo DSC_0209_zpsjuy46n2m.jpg

 photo DSC_0219_zpsqsv9yi7l.jpg

 photo DSC_0215_zpsayszqxg5.jpg
Lyveden Old Bield - the original house, where the new lodge was built in the grounds
 photo DSC_0210_zpshh1te8bw.jpg
Part of the gardens
 photo DSC_0247_zps8ncoiozk.jpg
The visitors are out & about
 photo DSC_0240_zpsha8gqoga.jpg
Close up of one of the decorations .... IHS, but the I is the hammer (for the nails), the H is the ladder and nails, and the S is the whip that scourged Jesus
 photo DSC_0238_zpsdowv96sh.jpg
Also showing, Jesus' robe, and the bag with the 30 pieces of silver
 photo DSC_0236_zpsozo7uetc.jpg
Here we are again
 photo DSC_0234_zpsq3mxambk.jpg

 photo DSC_0233_zpscberlsy4.jpg

 photo DSC_0231_zpsfmtrii96.jpg

 photo DSC_0226_zpshh5bu4pl.jpg

 photo DSC_0225_zpsqaanbayq.jpg

 photo DSC_0224_zpsnmmg6vby.jpg
Jiffy exploring one of the ovens
 photo DSC_0221_zpslydszwme.jpg
It was to have been a 3 story building, as you can see.
 photo DSC_0213_zpspqqhmzqg.jpg
What would have been the doorway (on the first floor)
19th-Feb-2018 11:00 pm (UTC)
1st-Mar-2018 02:27 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in replying -

It is a stunning building - with a great history.
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