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Holiday - February 2018 (2) .... Stanwick

I had 2 reasons for going to Northants this weekend. Firstly to visit Auntie Mary but also to visit as it would have been Mum's 90th birthday. So I wanted to do some sight-seeing of the village of Stanwick I knew as a kid. Until I was 18/19 we used to go up every 6 weeks, or so.

 photo DSC_0148_zpswtc9jwxk.jpg

 photo DSC_0107_zps0ozaoam3.jpg
Grandma & Granddad's graves

 photo DSC_0102_zpsohiopby2.jpg
St Lawrence's Church Stanwick
 photo DSC_0075_zpsjtend3ss.jpg

 photo DSC_0099_zps31scryhq.jpg

 photo DSC_0097_zps3897wfqr.jpg
The cross at the back, is an actual WWI marker from France
 photo DSC_0095_zps3finjahz.jpg
The intrepid explorer
 photo DSC_0094_zps9mlmxu0m.jpg
The font, where mum was christened as a baby.
 photo DSC_0090_zpstqqvgwhi.jpg
My Great grandfather's grave ... having travelled around a lot, he ended up dying in the village that he had been born in!
 photo DSC_0083_zpsjhh3dwe5.jpg
The house where Mum was born in 1928
 photo DSC_0078_zpsw3nyo1q3.jpg

 photo DSC_0081_zpsph0ne5nw.jpg
The Gospel Hall - where Mum was baptised in 1943, and both my Grandparents had their funeral services, now a home.
 photo DSC_0082_zpso0mzeh8m.jpg
Stanwick Hall
 photo DSC_0074_zpsvbtpwkhk.jpg
A sign on the old school rooms, now a village shop

The roll of honour lists all those from the village who acyually enrolled to serve during WWI - my great uncle is Alfred Edmund Burgess Hillson
 photo DSC_0072_zps7ace6jtr.jpg
 photo DSC_0073_zpslwrnjgqm.jpg

When Mum was a kid, and in fact as I remember it, the village was surrounded by fields. However they have made a nature reserve there ... and Jiffy and I visited it in the afternoon -

 photo DSC_0184_zpscsrcwpxy.jpg
There was a Roman villa locally - this celebrates this event
 photo DSC_0183_zpshcww0mnu.jpg

 photo DSC_0181_zpshcfmhzip.jpg
The amazing kids play area
 photo DSC_0180_zpsap07rptn.jpg

 photo DSC_0177_zpsghmspuuk.jpg

 photo DSC_0175_zpsgrp5gxsy.jpg

 photo DSC_0172_zpskthaf932.jpg

 photo DSC_0166_zpsjwsintut.jpg

 photo DSC_0163_zpsfyz6hfrk.jpg

 photo DSC_0162_zpslvrfcno8.jpg
The intrepid explorer is being busy, as ever
 photo DSC_0159_zpsemcloh1k.jpg

 photo DSC_0155_zpsjht97rwl.jpg

 photo DSC_0154_zpsitakd4th.jpg

 photo DSC_0152_zpskc8bf7yq.jpg

 photo DSC_0151_zpshipmlrfe.jpg
 photo DSC_0153_zps5zwda2re.jpg
The barrow
 photo DSC_0150_zpswfbo8ire.jpg
The visitor centre
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