Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Holiday - February 2018 (1)

I had a great trip with Jiffy, driving up to Northamptonshire, mainly to visit my Aunt, but while there did some other sightseeing.

 photo DSC_0192_zpssncngmge.jpg

 photo DSC_0188_zpsyxd6ap5u.jpg

Auntie Mary was Mum's best friend, and has always been an amazing Aunt to all 3 of us.  It was lovely to suprise her, and spend much of the day with her ... and, as you can see, Jiffy was very happy in his visit as well.

As we were leaving (Auntie Mary was recovering from a bad cold), Jiffy & I had a walk round the village that she lives in -

 photo DSC_0206_zpsmzhgeuke.jpg
Auntie Mary's house ... her garden is facing her on the opposite side of the road
 photo DSC_0203_zpssaadusg2.jpg
Woodford Church, St Mary the Virgin
 photo DSC_0202_zps3f30mvrd.jpg
... and a visitor
 photo DSC_0200_zpsm6tagdxm.jpg

 photo DSC_0199_zpsfmjbxum5.jpg
Great way of (not) having stained glass
 photo DSC_0197_zpssgfkwkhn.jpg
Looking across to the river Nene
 photo DSC_0195_zpsxdbgzyhn.jpg
The village square
 photo DSC_0194_zpsoqgl4dhl.jpg

 photo DSC_0193_zpsqmxk6ldi.jpg
The war memorial
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