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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
Happy 90th 
15th-Feb-2018 05:09 pm
90 years ago Mum arrived at this village, and to the day Jiffy and I were there.

Mum so wanted to live longer than her mother, who died on her 90th birthday, but was only 87.  So Jiffy and I are here for a couple of days, as we are hoping to visit Auntie Mary tomorrow.  We spent some time in the village, went into the Church (where Mum was christened), then to Grandma & Granddad's graves; then to Raunds, where Granddad was born, and again to the Church (which is under major repaires as the East wall was falling off!!)

Sadly, although I have my camera, I forgot the pc cable .. so other photos will have to wait.

 photo Untitled_zpsxfnticsy.jpg

We then went to Stanwick Lakes, where I bought a snack lunch and then had a good walk. This place "didn't exist" when Mum knew the village ... but some of the water was used for a local mill, where Mum also learnt to swim.

And so back to our hotel mid-afternoon. Poor Jiffy is exhausted, which is nice to see!!! I am also being a good girl, and not over-doing things.

Also, must catch up on the February Meme -

February 14 - Who do you love?

Well, I have to say Jiffy ... we are sharing a holiday together, after all.

February 15 - Who was your first celebrity crush?

I can't remember the order, as 2 were close together ... and I still like them both.

Cary Grant -
 photo primary_EB19861201PEOPLE910239997AR_zpsqgu8rt07.jpg

Steve McQueen -
 photo MV5BMTQ3Mjk2MTU1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTA5MTkzNA._V1_UY317_CR230214317_AL__zpspvjtua7f.jpg
When I was a teen, most of the girls in my class were either Robert Redford or Paul Newman fans ... trust me to be different!
15th-Feb-2018 08:14 pm (UTC)
What a lovely way to spend your mum's birthday.
1st-Mar-2018 02:09 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in writing

It was nice to have a fun day to celebrate Mum
15th-Feb-2018 09:13 pm (UTC)
Redford. Grant to kill. A mocking. Bird
1st-Mar-2018 02:10 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in writing

Cary Grant is a long term favourite of mine
16th-Feb-2018 02:13 am (UTC)
I fell in love with Steve McQueen when he played the cooler king in "The Great Escape". Good choice.
1st-Mar-2018 02:13 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in writing

Oh yes, I think that's the first film we all think of when we think of him. I have just re-watched Bullitt, having been to see the road where it was film. Another favourite is Towering Inferno.
16th-Feb-2018 04:26 am (UTC)
I have a thing for Cary Grant's early roles before he became a big star. Love him in She Done Him Wrong and I'm No Angel with Mae West and in The Blonde Venus with Marlene Dietrich. I like him in Hot Saturday, but I can't love the movie because his costar is Nancy Carroil who I badly want to like but just can't.

1st-Mar-2018 02:14 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in writing

Cary Grant has a lot of good films, doesn't he? Haven't seen Hot Saturday ... so must look out for that.
16th-Feb-2018 09:41 am (UTC)
What does the boot stand for in the village sign?
1st-Mar-2018 02:22 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in writing

Northamptonshire was where the original Wellington Boots were made ... the county used to be the country's leather capital. The village of Stanwick, c.1910 had a shoe factory, and those not employed there did piece work at home ... my Grandmother was someone who trimmed off the excess leather, before the sole was fixed; and my Great Uncle was a "clicker"(A boot and shoe clicker is the person who cuts the uppers for boots or shoes from a skin of leather) in the factory ... before WWI
1st-Mar-2018 06:52 pm (UTC)
Fun facts! All these long-lost skills ...
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