Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Catch Up Time

At least the viral bugs are easing ... and the pain from the salivary gland infection is almost gone ... so am feeling more positive.  So much so I made some lemon biscuits today (which are rapidly disappearing!!)

I haven't gone to Auntie Joyce's today - both with me not feeling like pushing it, and having to do the drive; but also she is not feeling great.  When I spoke to her earlier this week we agreed that I would go up there in another months time.

I don't know if others in England have been watching the Michael Portillo American train show, well I have really enjoyed the last few days as he has been travelling to Boston, Salem, etc ... So bringing back great good memories of the last week of the holiday last July.  As most of you didn't see my blog, I thought I would share a couple of photos -

Salem -
 photo DSC_0124_zps09bnca5w.jpg
Plymouth Rock (it is inside the building)
 photo DSC_0890_zpszwl43fue.jpg
Plimouth Plantation
 photo DSC_0870_zpsqsiokicc.jpg
Boston (Tea Party)
 photo DSC_0646_zps13giwxsn.jpg
Boston ... and, yes, that is gold!
 photo DSC_0536_zpso4s3rcei.jpg
Tags: auntie joyce, holiday 2017, ill, usa
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