Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Icon Meme

As most of you have found out, I do make icons .... some successful, some not! However this is something that was flying around a couple of years back.

You get to talk about 3 icons that someone has picked out for you ... if you want to play you only have to say "ME TOO" in the comments and I will pick 3 of yours.

However I am adding something else - if you want to look at my icons and ask about one or more of mine, then just ask.

Anyway, I have asked 2 of my friends to pick some icons .... so, here we go.

First off I asked teragramm, who picked these:-

Oh I had forgotten about this one.  It's what I think has happened ... common sense is truly missing, isn't it?  I really must re-use.

When I watched Star Trek Voyager from the first time, I had 2 "pairings" that I thought were interesting.  B'Elanna & Tom Paris was a really interesting story, that followed through the full 7 seasons.  The classic popular boy v. the touchy girl who didn't feel she was worth much.  So, nice to make an icon with a bland background to use whatever the storyline.

This is one that one of my friends used to use a lot.  I use it when life is confusing, distracting, etc.  So it seems to get used a lot!!

And then it was kazzy_cee's turn .. and this is her selection:-

This is one that I so rarely get to use ... some years ago so much of my LJ was horse related, and I was linked to this image that I love.  I do use it for the classic tiredness comments, although I have others as well.  But I also use it for boring, or blah-blah comments.

I am old enough to have watched the early Dr Who from behind a friends sofa (before we had TV) ... and yes, daleks were scary.  A few years on, one of the playground games was that of putting both arms in the one sleeve and running round yelling "Exterminate" in dalek-like voice.  Daleks are scarey, and take over, don't they ... and so does procrastination ... or it does for me.  So (sadly) I use it a lot!

This icon was peronalised for me, when I saw a post. liked it, and wasn't yet doing art.  I tend to use it, not often, but is one of those that gets used when I don't have any others that are appropriate for what I am writing.  And, anyway, you can't have too many James/Spike icons, can you?

So, if you want to play - let me know.
Tags: icons, meme

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