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154th Annual University Boat Race

Yes - Yesterday was the 154th annual boat race between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

The coarse is over 4miles and 374 yards with 8 man (and 1 cox) crews.

This year the Cambridge boat had 6 Britons, while the Oxford boat had 3 Britons. The rest of the crew were from Australia and The States, with one German.

If you want to read a Report of the 2008 race  

The normal time is between 16.5 and 17 minutes; whereas this year the winning crew took 20.52 minutes to complete the course ... Sadly (for me) that was the Oxford boat ... but the overall totals stand at - 

Cambridge - 79 wins
Oxford - 73 wins
Dead heat - 1

Better luck next year, Cambridge ... They won last year!
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