Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Looking At The Birds

Oooops - these photos are from last year!

Just before Christmas Christine and I took Jiffy to one of his favourite places - Stover park.  Then after Christmas Christine came up to visit us and she and I walked along the quayside.  On both walks there was quite a bit of wildlife ... and the camera was busy.  Here are a sample ....

 photo DSC_0030_zpswqoboyxl.jpg
Swans & seagulls
 photo DSC_0027_zpszj9vffm5.jpg
 photo DSC_0024_zps3cexdql4.jpg

 photo DSC_0019_zps9kroz8py.jpg
A sleeping duck ... spot the head!
 photo DSC_0018_zpsj52w7yia.jpg
One of the swans
 photo DSC_0016_zps8swnnnhc.jpg

 photo DSC_0998_zpsvr5is5bb.jpg

 photo DSC_0995_zpsc5ptjdfo.jpg

 photo DSC_0987_zpsl8ewtvpn.jpg

 photo DSC_0975_zps53ctthsa.jpg

 photo DSC_0969_zpsgjnjhdvy.jpg

 photo DSC_0965_zpsbxp9jpwa.jpg
A heron ... well spotted Christine
 photo DSC_0962_zpsowtqvpex.jpg

 photo DSC_0961_zpsoyuhqvnd.jpg

 photo DSC_0960_zpswv8fw8jr.jpg

 photo DSC_0957_zps5pxix2zp.jpg

 photo DSC_0953_zpsgww1vhnx.jpg

And, as we were leaving Stover we spotted the septic tanks being emptied -

 photo DSC_0948_zpsqpip6glk.jpg
Tags: camera, christine, stover, wildlife

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