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Well the year, so far, is going well!!

Had a very late night as a lot of locals had a lot of fireworks which really upset Jiffy ... so it was late before we settled.  I have tried twice to take him for a walk, but he is reluctant, so am not pushing him.

I have started my Chronological Bible for this year ... so it's goog to see where some of the books fit in with each other.  Although as it is day 1, I was reading Genesis 1 - 3 ... so no "muddle" yet.

Went to the gym this morning for a 45 minute class, and then swam 10 lengths ... does that mean I don't have to go back for the rest of January??!!  I usually also use the jacuzzi, but it was being cleaned, so a good reason for being out of use.

So to lunch, and now catching up with LJ, as I promised myself.  I have made some scones for tea while I was cooking dinner ... so been busy.

I just hope I manage to keep up with life more this year, and not get knocked out by the bugs ... watch this space.

Anyway, here is a picture that Claire took when they came for lunch last Friday .... Happy New Year from us both!

 photo IMG_0111_zpsldm6ls1d.jpg
Tags: bible, camera, cooking, gym, jiffy, new year
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