Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Catching Up .... And Longleat, (part 1)

Well, as I said when I posted my icons life has been hectic. I actually managed to work for a couple of weeks this last month, but tried struggling to get fully organised. I am still struggling to stop coughing, but am managing to manage it (most of the time).

I had to cancel going to Tim's on Saturday evening as I had a really bad day. Mine had been an after-thought invite, but it would have been good to all be together, as well as with Claire's family.

On Sunday I managed to get to the Carol service in the evening .. and the rehearsal during the afternoon. With sleep and Ventolin I was able to cope.

Then last Monday I went to Longleat with Brenda. It's near where they live and I had never been. They go often, as there are lots of various things to do. We had organised to meet up so we could go to their Christmas Light festival ... but started by going through the safari. I told Brenda that the last time I had gone on a Safari was when I was 9 ... we went to Woborn, and in the on car was Mum, Dad, Grandma & Granddad, Nick and Tim (at 4 & 3). 1970 was the year!

 photo DSC_0848_zpsxzsahv9l.jpg

 photo DSC_0821_zpslmptic6x.jpg

 photo DSC_0819_zpsqmhuke0s.jpg

 photo DSC_0797_zpszcqrlh4l.jpg

 photo DSC_0792_zpswlmennij.jpg

 photo DSC_0780_zpscpywqahy.jpg

 photo DSC_0771_zpswqstfrj4.jpg

 photo DSC_0761_zps3xoom4s9.jpg

 photo DSC_0749_zpsha742bwy.jpg

 photo DSC_0748_zpskd6zn5ef.jpg

 photo DSC_0743_zpsvla8qf21.jpg

 photo DSC_0737_zpsberiyybz.jpg

 photo DSC_0704_zpsf70e1s8u.jpg

 photo DSC_0695_zpsymkdfu2k.jpg

 photo DSC_0691_zpslaf2wifb.jpg

 photo DSC_0680_zpsup2ydgku.jpg

 photo DSC_0675_zpsx4xwapv5.jpg

 photo DSC_0718_zpslwsdt3pd.jpg

 photo DSC_0711_zpsqsu2g3l7.jpg
Tags: animals, brenda, camera, giraffe, holiday 2017

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