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Wells Bishops Palace

The Bishop's Palace and accompanying Bishops House at Wells in the English county of Somerset, is adjacent to Wells Cathedral and has been the home of the Bishops of the Diocese of Bath and Wells for 800 years. Building of the palace started around 1210 by Bishops Jocelin of Wells and Reginald Fitz Jocelin. The chapel and great hall were added by Bishop Robert Burnell between 1275 and 1292. The walls, gatehouse and moat were added in the 14th century by Bishop Ralph of Shrewsbury. The Bishops House was added in the 15th century by Bishop Thomas Beckington. The great hall later fell into disrepair and was partially demolished around 1830. Wikepedia

So, there we are, the basic history ... now you can see a few images of a very enjoyable time

The river was diverted to go round the walls like a moat.  They are famous for having swans that will ring a bell when they want to be fed.  We didn't have time to walk round the outside route, so didn't see them.
 photo DSC_0968_zps9fbyxpjl.jpg

 photo DSC_0887_zpsbxujezz4.jpg

 photo DSC_0884_zpsqsfhe4at.jpg
The house on the left, with the raining wall of the great hall on the right.
 photo DSC_0963_zpsungrqxnl.jpg

 photo DSC_0871_zps83qwnrto.jpg
The Palace
 photo DSC_0927_zps8al972h6.jpg

 photo DSC_0929_zpshjwzwpae.jpg
... and inside
 photo DSC_0934_zpsonpy8azw.jpg

 photo DSC_0960_zpsdgnmhppl.jpg

 photo DSC_0953_zpsfwynllyy.jpg

 photo DSC_0950_zpsziobjh8k.jpg
Inside the private Chapel ... this picture is one of 5 that are behind the Alter, this one depicting creation
 photo DSC_0944_zpslm0snwst.jpg
Love the colours from the stained glass on the other wall
 photo DSC_0937_zpssdzikm37.jpg
As well as the gardens, there are the city allotments

 photo DSC_0912_zps6zfsww0k.jpg
Some of the statues in the grounds - this depicts the struggle of children ... refugees, starvation, ill-treatment, etc
 photo DSC_0920_zpsq9qsawsx.jpg
The Cathedral, reflected in one of the original wells, that gives the city it's name.
 photo DSC_0922_zps6tkgzy95.jpg
And, another
 photo DSC_0909_zpsypyvd2lq.jpg
They have a kids games area in the grounds, based on the legend of a local dragon
 photo DSC_0906_zpswaxvy5lm.jpg

So, now you have seen a few of the photos I took on my day out with Christine. Well worth the drive.
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