Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

At Long Last I Catch Up

Well over the last couple of weeks I have popped in & out, but realise that I actually haven't done a proper update - just the icons that I made.  So decided I would do a quick points update ... and as ever try to be better in the coming days ;)

  • I am back at work now.  Luckily I had booked a couple of random days off over the last couple of weeks, so this way I can catch up.  After a day at work I still feel pretty tired, but am not having problems with working the full 8 hours, so that is good.

  • I went back to the gym this week, and although I only managed 3/4 of a class I still was pleased to be there.  I did 20mins core training yesterday, and boy do I ache!!

  • On Friday my friend Christine & I went to Wells for the day (photos to follow).  Again it was great that I was able to cope with the driving ... as well as the sight-seeing.

  • Poor Jiffy got attacked by a dog from across the road.  We were walking along and it just escaped from it's house and attacked ... luckily Jiffy was un-hurt, although a bit bruised.  I was nervous about taking him out the following day, and I will admit he looks warily at other dogs, but so far has been the same as ever

  • I did take Jiffy for a check-up with Marni and she said he was OK, but has put him on steroids as she is worried that his nerves will increase his itching .... something I certainly don't want him to have to cope with.  Especially with Firework day coming up, and a break for me.

  • Yes, Thursday week I am off to London for a break, and to go to the Cenotaph service ... be prepaired to be photo-spammed!

  • The following weekend to that I shall be going to Clacton again.  My Aunt is not doing well (I had a day trip there 3 weeks ago).  She has never been the easiest of people to deal with ... so being "low", and 90, has made that even worse I am sorry to say.

  • I have actually started a bit of Christmas shopping - but I need to be more organised.  I need to tidy space in my spare room (yes, that project is still hardly started), and then I can know where I am, and what I have, or don't have.

Well, that's about all, I think.  I do hope those whose posts I have missed are doing OK.
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