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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
One Month Of Sleeping .... 
9th-Oct-2017 07:32 pm
Spike - close up of face (R-S-D)
...And back to work today.  I only work 7 1/2 hours a day, but I am tired and aching.   At least I felt almost 100% OK through the day.  The doctor had told me I could be asleep for 6 weeks, but I managed to get back to work after just 4 weeks.  Luckily I had booked tomorrow off anyway,   It didn't help that I actually fell partly down staires when I was half asleep and broke one of my toes!

I do hope that I can get caught up with all the replies I owe .... having done nothing for 4 weeks, it certainly seems wrong that I am so far behind with everything.  I am sure I have missed birthdays, as well ... so, sorry.

A friend of mine knows I am interested in the history of both World Wars, and with my name she sent me this link ... The fate of Deborah D51, Mark IV . I have actually booked to go to The Somme battlefields in April, but now I need to go back to visit this museum!

I have become one of the maintainers for photo_scavenger and it is my month to pick the weekly promts, so thought I would share the photos with you that I used for my prompt of HEAD

Outside Salisbury museum
 photo DSC_0438_zpsgxpdmx7q.jpg
 photo DSC_0854_zps3jfmco34.jpg
This one is taken in San Francisco, where I visited the USS Pampanito (USS 383). As well as taking some fun (off-centre) photos I also felt 101% queasy.
 photo DSC_0876 - Copy_zpsq1lbyner.jpg
15th-Oct-2017 10:48 am (UTC)
*g* ... for hospital staff, that's a short day. A normal day is 12.5 - 13 hours (that's what my brother does!)
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