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I joined photo_scavenger when it started and in her latest post, curiouswombat pointed out that a lot of people have drifted away.  I will admit I am one of them, despite my best intentions.  I wonder how many on my f-list are members ... and if so if they ever have a go.  All it is, is one photo-challenge per week.

Anyway, as I'm off sick with flu, I have gone through this years holiday photos to post the last 6 colour challenges.  All were in America, July 2017.

Colourful, brown, orange, grey white, blue

Disney - California Resort, LA
 photo DSC_0130_zpszlxoj9vr.jpg

Coronado Hotel, San Diego ... where "Some Like It Hot" was filmed
 photo DSC_0433_zpslyhz6cn8.jpg

The music room of The Breakers Mansion, Newport, RI
 photo DSC_0781_zpsnkmmmmb5.jpg

On the flight deck of USS Midway, California
 photo DSC_0352_zps7gmpmfpl.jpg

Mount Hood, Oregon
 photo DSC_0145_zpscxp27dpf.jpg

Salem, Mass - the Orthadox Church
 photo DSC_0107_zpsoi0rtjw3.jpg

So, pop over and have a go!
Tags: camera, holiday 2017, photos, pimp

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