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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
A Nice Thursday 
12th-Aug-2017 05:15 pm
A couple of days ago, I took the day off work, and Christine came over.

We started the day with taking Jiffy for a local walk, and then we looked at some of my American photos on the computer.

After an early lunch the two of us headed out to the outskirts of Exeter. One great thing about this city is within a couple of miles you are literally in the middle of nowhere. We went to see Fursdon House. It is a house that has a basic Tudor inner, with a Georgian extension and facade. As it is still privately owned, I couldn't take photos inside, but thought you might like to see some images of the gardens.

 photo DSC_0375_zpsutsmqc5q.jpg

 photo DSC_0373_zpscwyt2lqk.jpg

 photo DSC_0367_zpspreoxj7e.jpg

 photo DSC_0365_zpstudlkotx.jpg
I wouldn't want to sit on this seat ... too scared of spiders!
 photo DSC_0364_zpsibfhmcn5.jpg
Red Admiral Butterfly
 photo DSC_0360_zpsdocqxb15.jpg
Peacock Butterfly
 photo DSC_0356_zpsyztffrl3.jpg
?? Butterfly (if you know, please tell me)
 photo DSC_0352_zpseeyuvvjo.jpg

 photo DSC_0357_zpsxplm64cb.jpg

 photo DSC_0348_zpsgojwrtqq.jpg

 photo DSC_0345_zpsxwagcgnu.jpg

 photo DSC_0342_zpswocvexar.jpg

12th-Aug-2017 05:49 pm (UTC)
I believe that is a red admiral butterfly. Lovely day!
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