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No Rain Allowed - It's Wednesday!

When I walked out to get DJ this morning, it was quite grey ... and DJ was very et (and muddy, of course!)

So I walked him back and attempted to get his saddle are, if not dry, then at least all the (mud) hair combed the right way!  He was quite twitchy this morning - couldn't see why ... but in the end I put him in a box, rather than on the yard - less space for him to glare at!

Toni brought Smudge in and I was again reminded of the advantages of a clipped and rugged horse ... rug off, smooth coat, tack on!

We walked up the road and got to Ros's gate just as she and Cherry were coming through. 

It was beginning to dry up nicely and the sun even tried breaking through ... so that was great ... Wednesday morning was turning out correctly.

There wasn't much traffic so we were able to ride 3-abreast for a lot of the way - weaving a figure of 8 to return up the canter track.  Dj was in the middle - so we got splattered by Smudge ... but it was good fun.

Back home to relax - him quietly in a box and me to have coffee with Toni!

Then a carrot, a feed and back to his field.

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