Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Limbo - Your Name Is Deborah!!!

I haven't turned on LJ in weeks.  I haven't been to music group ... although I have managed to work most of my shifts, and get to Church.

I have been stuck in LIMBO, and am really having to fight to escape.

I am on the countdown to my holiday ... yet am struggling to feel happy about it.  However I have started to sort out my clothes, so that's a step on the way.

I have also started councelling.

So, all in all I will wake up in time for my holiday.

Anyway, in those missing weeks I have missed being part of the friendship and community .... but sadly not enough to break through this terrible darkness.  Today Christine and I went out for lunch and a walk, and that has focussed me enough that I am typing this.


Anyway, I have done a few random things in those weeks ....

  • Went to Auntie Joyce as she asked for help to sort out her garage.  When I got there she changed her mind.  Sadly she also tried re-hashing old family tensions (from before my birth!!).  Then I got stuck in traffic on the way home ... so not the greatest of weekends at all.

  • Jiffy has turned 11, but has managed to stay pretty healthy recently.  So good news, although I suppose he is sad that he hasn't had a chance to visit his much loved vet.

  • Got my bra fitting done and am a inches measurement smaller.  So maybe the gym work is helping after all.

  • Had an opticians appointment and am sadly losing a bit more of the field of vision in my right eye.  I had the retinal op 28 years ago, so am happy to have my sight at all.

  • Dan (19) and Tom (17) have passed their driving tests ... so all the eligible boys are drivers now.

  • Auntie Mary came over for a meal.  She was Mum's best friend, and came down on a coach trip to the area so that she could see me.  It was really special to see her ...  really lovely.  One of thos times when you want to slow the minutes down.

Well it seems as if that's it.  As I said these last few weeks have just drifted past.  I am going to aim to post some of my photos from today's walk this evening.  However I warn you now, that plan my not work.

Hope you are all OK ... any news, let me know please .... and SORRY again
Tags: auntie joyce, auntie mary, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, jiffy, nephews, opticians
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