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It Won't Stop Me Going Back There In November

As all of you probably know by now we had a terrorist related incident in London, and as ever random people walking through the city are injured or have lost their lives.  It seems small compared with other atrocities, but no doubt is meant to scare people away from the city.

No way - terrorists are not going to run my life ... or my country!

Anyway, enough of politics (etc) not something I usually even mention on LJ.


I keep saying I am back and then disappear!  Last time I picked up a tummy bug (I think the kid who sat in front of me at Church the previous day was ill), and sadly my Chronic Fatigue set back in ... so I somehow lost a week.  I managed to work for 2 days, but that was all.

So, I need to focus, and get back on track.  There is no way I can skim back through your news, and I must yet again apologise that I have been a bad friend (I should get that sentence in the pc memory and that way just fill that line in each time! ).

So what I need to do is do a catch-up post incase any of you remember who I am, and want to know where I am and what I am doing!

  • Holiday - when I have typed this I am going to apply for my ESTA (a visa thingy) .... so that's another step on my way to USA.  Part of me is excited, but most of me hates the thought of a holiday without mum & dad.  However I have tickets for Disney and they would have both hated that, so that will help me enjoy my trip!

  • Jiffy - he has had a haircut last week ... that's why it's so cold in England at present!   He has been a bit clingy over the last couple of weeks, but other than that he is OK.  I still haven't got him booked anywhere for my trip ... he has an "interview" on Saturday, so hope that goes well.

  • Work - still enjoying my 3 1/2 days a week (when I can get there!).  I am actually off this week, because ....

  • House - I am having the base of my conservatory built.  I have been amazed with how the builders have worked, seeing as has rained more than it's been dry, and yesterday we had a huge hail storm.  The rest of the house is done, for now.  I am slowly getting things packed away in the rooms that they should be ... but still can't have anyone to stay in the spare room, as it still seems full (however much I think I have emptied!!)

  • Knitting - I have re-started.  I had tried earlier in the year but couldn't because of my Carpel Tunnel syndrome.  However I am all injected, and so can get on with that.  I have also been doing some small jigsaws in an evening.  So as you can see I am slowly trying to be "me" again.

  • Gym - I am still enjoying it.  I have changed to a different personal trainer, as I met her on a class, and got on really well with her.  She is now changing my routine, so I do one visit of stamina (I have bought an iPod and uploaded my Dresden Files onto it) ... walking uphill for 1/2 hour with James is nice!  My other visit is for muscles and flexibility.  I also do one class every week, so really need to get there 3 times a week, rather than the 2 I am doing.  Every visit finishes with a swim and a jacuzzi to help me relax.

  • Church - I have changed to a local Church.  I didn't fall out with the others, but 1/2 hour drive each way was a bit silly.  However the one I am now going to is 5 minutes drive away.  It is good to go locally, and they are very welcoming.  The teaching and challenge are great; so all in all I am very happy there already (if I could just remember some of the names!) I have also joined the music group .... so it's good to be able to play my clarinet again, although hard as it involves sight-transposition, and as I don't know many of the songs, it is a bit of a muddle.  Everyone in the group is on a rota, so I won't need to play on Sundays too often which is nice.

  • Nick - he is still not well, but is looking into part-time work as a carer in a home.  I just hope he realises that where Dad was is much more relaxed than most.  Still I shall wait and see.  Brenda now has a job as a classroom assistant at the school where their boys went.  She is in the kindergaten class.  The six of them are coming here for lunch at some point over Easter so that they can see Mum & Dad's graves

  • Tim - is, I presume, OK.  He is as "busy" as ever.  He is having a gym built in his back garden at present, as his inheritance from Mum & Dad.  I must invite them over some time so we can catch up.

Well, if anyone read all that I am amazed!   Cookies and hot chocolate should be yours!

I do hope that you are all well ... any news, please let me know.
*group hugs*
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