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Exeter Guildhall 1

This morning I went on a guided tour of Exeter Guildhall .  I had been in the building a few years ago, but this time I got to know both the history, and see behind the scenes.

1190 Richard I granted a charter placing the city under the rule of a Mayor, and the main section of the building was built in the early 1300's.

The outside of the building, added in 1593
 photo DSC_1001_zpslkb6q0fl.jpg
The double door added at the same time.
 photo DSC_0999_zpsnhlghmhd.jpg
Looking back into the Hall from the female prison cells
 photo DSC_0989_zpsu4q41ctn.jpg
The Jury room
 photo DSC_0988_zpskyvsulwg.jpg

 photo DSC_0986_zpsjlaysrlr.jpg
This is an amazing window (and it survived the second World War).  It was originally glazed in 1477 and then this was re-done as seen below, in 1722
 photo DSC_0974_zpsz0of0stt.jpg
The Lord Mayor's Chambers
 photo DSC_0967_zpsbasdlf7f.jpg

 photo DSC_0966_zpsoz4qi4cq.jpg

 photo DSC_0965_zps7bgvlars.jpg

 photo DSC_0963_zps5uqbjls8.jpg
Inside the main hall ... while the ceiling was being made,  if any of the workmen dropped something they had a pet monkey who would pick up the items for them!
 photo DSC_0957_zpstsndn7rl.jpg
The wooden floor was placed in the hall during WWII to provide a sprung floor for dancing, for the white American soldiers..  The original Portland stone floor was not replaced, as this is part of Exeter's heritage,
 photo DSC_0956_zpscv2fkqt9.jpg
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