Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

20 Assorted Blue Icons

One thing that I have managed to do over the last couple of weeks is make 20 icons for the first round of monthlyinspo ... the theme is "Blazing Blue". There were no other prompts, which I tend to find slightly harder.

Anyway, here are the three teasers :-

 photo DSC_0425_zpsycg9apnq.jpg    photo 11_zpsydhznl8p.jpg    photo 14_zpswklce1lj.jpg

 photo 1_zpsjwj1l9sd.jpg    photo 3_zpsqncrtcez.jpg  photo 2a_zpszeuhj3ea.jpg  photo 12_zpswdaw47fd.jpg    photo 13_zpss882fjkh.jpg

 photo 7_zpslcowysdt.jpg    photo 4_zpsqel6weft.jpg  photo 5_zpsk8ggw6gw.jpg    photo 6_zpssygcde9t.jpg    photo 11_zpsydhznl8p.jpg

 photo 10_zpso8q3a46x.jpg    photo 14_zpswklce1lj.jpg    photo 16_zpsog0c0kfb.jpg  photo 8_zpskom6ggm8.jpg    photo 15_zpsfklynt5g.jpg

 photo DSC_0325_zpsfnemgjnr.jpg  photo DSC_0425_zpsycg9apnq.jpg  photo DSC_0708_zps1iucxatc.jpg  photo DSC_0793_zps7s40kefj.jpg  photo DSC_0341_zpsk9k4qkbf.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons

The for the screen images are listed there, however the lower 3 lines are all photographs that I have taken (except #6, as that is me in the photo!)  I took all the photos of James, and the lower line 1 -3 are from the British Museum, #4 from The Wallace Collection and #5 from the National Gallery
Tags: competition, dj, icons, james, jaykub, jiffy, london, spike
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