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Not Being A Great LJer, Am I? 
9th-Feb-2017 10:10 am
I seem to have spent the last few weeks dipping in and out ... terrible.

I am totally in a muddle as I am having my bedroom furniture built, painted and the room decorated.  I decided while in a muddle I would get evn more muddled, knowing (?hoping) that as the days go along then my whole place will be more organised.  Please note I am not saying my life will be more organised, just the house!!

Anyway, what else?  Because I am having my bedroom done, and all my junk is in my spare room it means (Jiffy &) I are sleeping on the settee.  Needless to say, my old spinal injury has flared up for the first time in absolutely years.  So I make a good advert at the hospital ... work for the NHS and you have to stumble around dragging a leg!  I actually had to leave early on Monday, Tuesday is a half-day, but yesterday I was able to get most of the way through the day!  So, all in all I am getting better.  Today I don't have a clinic, so am not at work, although have to go in later.  I am sitting resting and doing this before trying to catch up with my Future-Learn course.

I went to Nick & Brenda's for lunch on Saturday.  And I must say Nick was more relaxed than I had seen him in literally years, and unlike when I was there at Christmas, he didn't disappear for a few hours.  So I am hoping that in writing his book he has been able to take another step on his way to that light at the end of his long tunnel.  I have read the book, and for me it was listening to Nick as I remember him in his twenties.  So although he can't process this, I do believe that he is managing to find a few of the positives that he talks about looking for.

So, sorry there is nothing much to talk about - and certainly no real reason for my "poor attendance".  I didn't even po in to do the 365 meme yesterday!

No news on the holiday.  I'm waiting for Annemarie to confirm those starting points.  So will catch you up to date when I know more.

Hope you are all enjoying February so far ... can't believe we are already more than a week in!  Will try and be a better girl!
9th-Feb-2017 12:23 pm (UTC)
Oh dear - sleeping on the settee and bad backs are not a good mixture, I'm glad it is getting better. But it will be good to have your bedroom just as you want it.

And how interesting that the 20+ year old Nick is there in the written word; perhaps this has helped him to re-emerge from the Nick of the past few years, if that makes sense!
9th-Feb-2017 09:14 pm (UTC)
Sleeping on the settee and a bad back should never be mixy things. I hope your bedroom is usable again soon.

it's great that Nick was relaxed and engaged.

This year is already flying by!
11th-Feb-2017 12:43 pm (UTC)
Sleeping on the sofa is not good, seriously the floor might be better for your back but I hope you get your bed back soon!
11th-Feb-2017 12:44 pm (UTC)
Sleeping on the sofa is not good, seriously the floor might be better for your back but I hope you get your bed back soon!
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