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Wednesday - Meeting Up With Cherry Day!

I have never quite decided whether DJ likes Cherry or not.  He walks along beside her, mostly ignoring her - as she does him!  However by the time they are on the last 1/2 mile it is a bit of a battle of wills as to whose nose is in front!

Today Toni was granddaughter-sitting so it was just the 2 of us.  DJ and I were ready in time to be the ones to walk down to Ros and Cherry's and then off for a lovely walk down and around the village.  The weather was yet again lovely - and as ever there was plenty to chat about.

Ros had been away for the weekend to meet up with her daughter who is home on leave from Iraq - so it was good to hear that she was keeping safe and well.

Overall - a lovely day and a peaceful ride - and DJ deserved his carrots, as he didn't do too much alien-spotting today!

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