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London Photos #14 - Madame Tusauds

For those who thought I had finished ... sorry, more London photos.

The last time I had been to Madame Tusauds was 1976, so not suprisingly things had changed.  However I did enjoy myself.  There were a few things that suprised me, the first being there were about 7 or 8 people who I had never heard of ... yes, a huge Bolleywood display.  Seemed slightly weird for a London museum.  The other thing that I was suprised was that of the chamber of horrors ... missing, although we had some sort of "whodunnit" talk.  Which seemed do false, but I suppose doing it every 5 mins must ve hard to keep exciting.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, especially the tour of the history of London, which was great, although not enough time to take it all in.

HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
 photo DSC_0137_zpsibaxduzq.jpg
A member of Royalty!
 photo Picsolve - 29691425-48f5-4c2a-b586-0f111eef8246_zpsdilinxcr.jpg

 photo Picsolve - 463d5708-14f9-4762-8afd-e02b1a0bd0db_zpswatjywpr.jpg

 photo DSC_0180_zpsdoj4ehsz.jpg
Madame Tusaud
 photo DSC_0161_zpscjshvaym.jpg
Winston Churchill
 photo DSC_0153_zpsji0fcgb5.jpg
 photo DSC_0143_zpsskh2rxeu.jpg
HRH King Charles I
 photo DSC_0134_zpswhc8van2.jpg

 photo DSC_0117_zps0tvo6kpc.jpg
2 nuns!
 photo DSC_0102_zpsrrntthtv.jpg

 photo DSC_0099_zpsbw5dlgsi.jpg

 photo DSC_0151_zpsgoedqyx0.jpg

 photo DSC_0146_zpsdt4ek0s3.jpg

I did take a load more photos and they can be found here
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