Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

London Photos #6

Here are a few more assorted pictures as I continue to sort through my London photos ... enjoy!

Trafalgar Square -
 photo DSC_0630_zps5aa7pocc.jpg

 photo DSC_0627_zpslfrwtmkb.jpg

 photo DSC_0626_zpsecvfwwrm.jpg
The new statue on the blank plinth - last time I was here it was a blue Cockeral
 photo DSC_0628_zpstminl6cf.jpg
Parliament Square region -
 photo DSC_0597_zpsassbs1c6.jpg

 photo DSC_0598_zps2zc53wxq.jpg

 photo DSC_0599_zpstktqi98o.jpg

Some pearly queens, and a king
 photo DSC_0624_zpssvoqgyyh.jpg

And, to show it was me wandering around London -
 photo DSC_0623 2_zpspzmkalbf.jpg
Tags: camera, holiday 2016, london
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