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London Photos #5 - The Science Museum

I really can't remember the first time I went to the Science Museum, but I was probably about 9 - 10 (ie 1970ish) .... but every time I visit there is always something new to see, and something that I have already seen to re-discover.

 photo DSC_0241_zpswki23kqy.jpg
Other trips to London have been to see James, well this is Buzz Aldrin's suit.  James played Aldrin in the film Moonshot, so this is as close as I got this year.
 photo DSC_0238_zpsjgbkwrq4.jpg
I travelled to and from London by coach!
 photo DSC_0229_zpsgohbopjw.jpg

 photo DSC_0227_zpsi5cf1ujw.jpg
Dad's second job was learning to repaire steam engines and tugs
 photo DSC_0226_zpsdppxvnhx.jpg
The Rocket
 photo DSC_0221_zpslz7kwokx.jpg
Two re-cycled outfits - the upper one made of straw, the lower of drink cans!
 photo DSC_0220_zpskllce6y1.jpg

 photo DSC_0217_zps6phibsgu.jpg
I do love clocks and watches
 photo DSC_0218_zpsxwtsxxrt.jpg

 photo DSC_0205_zpswerdlr4m.jpg
A field surgeons kit, from The Somme, and an early gas mask
 photo DSC_0197_zpskbjaun4s.jpg
WWI started a real increase in the developement of useful aids for amputees
 photo DSC_0213_zpsrz8zcwn7.jpg

There are a few more pictures here
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