Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

So Much For Keeping Up To Date .........

Somehow these last couple of weeks have flown by .... I have been at work, and carrying on with the gym.  So things are progressing well.

However I also have no painting work done yet, so am still living in a muddle still.  While things are in chaos anyway, I have decided to go ahead with the order for a granite work-top while life is upsidedown.  I will be getting money from Mum & Dad, so the money will be paid back to me, although until then the credit card has to carry the bill.

So, overall things are moving forward.  I am sort of aiming for my birthday in June to be pretty much sorted out.  That way I can take my time to begin to pull my life into some sort of shape.

Anyway, the real news is that as of early tommorrow I am off to London for a few days.  Jiffy is with doggy-sitters, so I just hope he's happy.  She is lovely, as is her housemate, so I think they will spoil him ... well, I hope so, anyway.

Lots to see & visit, and a great friend to meet up with.

So, prepare to be spammed with photos next week ... signing off till Tuesday at the earliest.

Tags: decorating, doggy-sitter, holiday 2016, jiffy, london
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