Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Couple Of The Photo Meme Answers

kazzy_cee asked me - Can I have a photo of your favourite shoes?

I am not really a shoe person - to me a pair just need to be comfy ... my shoes I wear to Church may have a 4" heel, but they are still comfy!  However I do love these shoes ... I bought them last week to wear next Spring with jeans ... flowers ans sequins, what's not to like!!!

 photo DSC_0509_zpsytsidtmq.jpg

thenewbuzwuzz asked me - How about the view from your window(s) or something you can see from there?
She also asked me about my fence paintwork ... so can cover both answers.

My kitchen is at the back of the house, so I look out on the garden.  Come the spring I shall look at sorting out some of the tubs to get more flowers.
 photo DSC_0503_zpsoxibrwmg.jpg
View from the kitchen door
 photo DSC_0504_zpstwcbk3ad.jpg
Kitchen window, and patio doors ... with Jiffy just having walked up the steps

The Front
 photo DSC_0506_zpsnbteued0.jpg
Looking to the right, you can see where the chip shop is
 photo DSC_0505_zpsq9utgdzt.jpg
Looking to the left, the greenery to the left is the edge of the hospital property.   Proving it is my door, as this is the top of my car (and my bins!!)
Tags: camera, garden, home, jiffy, meme, photos

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