Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Me Versus Mum-Me

I have been "haunted" by the fence painting.  I have started it twice, and each time have found it frustrating, how much time I spend, yet still have loads to do.

So, as I will eventually getting some money from Mum & Dad's house I decided to hire someone to do the painting, so I know it's done.  I have workmen coming to fit out my spare room, and do a cupboard in my kitchen, so decided I needed to get the constant pressure of the fences done, so I can concentrate on my indoor DIY.

However since I booked it for next week, all I can hear is mum telling me I am wasting money when I could do them myself.  Yes, she's right, but I just wasn't getting it sorted, so was worried that having this hanging over me, I would never get anything done.

So, sorry Mum, but I need to get the work done, so I can have life sorted out a bit more.

And before you say anything, yes, I know I am a fool, but I still feel guilty.  Especially as Tim always moaned at me when I used to say I felt guilty over the past years.

So, even though I feel wrong, I am fighting back to get my life a bit more positive ... aiming for a lot of the work done by Christmas.
Tags: diy, mum

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