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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
I Am Getting There - Slowly 
23rd-Sep-2016 09:11 pm
James - buzz cut & name.
When we were kids we had a record player with a few 78's .... a few hymns, a version of Black Sambo, Peter & the Wolf .... and this amazing song. It became a true family favourite.

A couple of times they played it to people who were superior about their taste in music.

Tim has just sent me the link, so had to listen ... and had to share.

So you can listen while you ignore my ramble!

First let me apologise for my lack of LJ, lack of birthday wishes, lack of keeping up.  I started back at work this week, and although I only work 3 1/2 days a week I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home.  So my evenings were spent snoozing in front of thf the TV, and going to bed early.

6 years ago I was still an osteopath, and riding regularily.  Since then the chronic fatigue hit, and I spent time caring for Mum & Dad.  Everyone has been telling me that I need to find myself.  I haven't really had any "me" time ... ever.  Mum was very clingy, and it got worse over the years.  Yes, I knew she was like that and accepted it, but now it's hard to think that I only have myself (and Jiffy) to answer to.  Anyway, one thing I have decided to do is to join a gym ... gulp!  I never thought I would do such a thing.  The one I have joined has a pool, jacuzzi and sauna as well aas regular revues for the gym, and loads of classes.  So I have had the basic gym induction over the last couple of weeks ... and this morning I actually did my first session today.  I am aimimg to help my posture, build up my stamina and strengthen my core.  So, watch this space!!

I saw my osteopath again today, and he was pleased with how well by body has coped with the latest changes.

Poor Jiffy has to have surgery .... The infection in his anal gland is getting slowly worse, and the benign wart on his face is now being scrathed, so I presume it feels sore.  He is booked in for early October, so a nervous time for me, as he is over 10 now.

However to take my mind off things I took him to a nearby town for a lovely walk this afternoon ... in fact I even treated myself to an ice-cream.  However, as I was texting a very special friend, I still feel guilty, as there is housework that needs doing.  It feels wrong to fritter my time away, although I have to admit I feel pretty relaxed as I type this.

Well still haven't got round to reply to comments, but I really hope that now I am getting back into a routine I will have more focus and get caught up,   Also will be able to catch up with you all ... if I have missed anything, let me know.

Strictly Come Dancing has started, so must focus on that ... the countdown towards Christmas!!!!
24th-Sep-2016 12:09 am (UTC)
That's a fun song; I can see how it became a family favourite! The gym sounds like a very good start for getting more "me" time.

Sorry to hear about Jiffy; I hope he'll be allright.
24th-Sep-2016 07:16 am (UTC)
It's your time - fritter it as much as you like! Housework will always be there ... Poor Jiffy - I hope the op. goes well.
24th-Sep-2016 03:06 pm (UTC)
Take as long as you like to get yourself a routine. It's good that you can now focus on yourself and hopefully improve your health.
24th-Sep-2016 09:28 pm (UTC)
Just stopping by to wish you all the best with everything. Seems like you have plenty to get on with - both good, and less so (all the best to Jiffy!).

24th-Sep-2016 09:35 pm (UTC)
I'm so impressed that you've joined the gym!

And not surprised that work is exhausting at first.

Poor Jiffy! I am sure that all will be well but absolutely understand your anxiety.

And you my dear have earned the right to fritter and frivol and eat icecream! Enjoy and quit with the guilt!
25th-Sep-2016 11:28 am (UTC)
Take care. Gym sounds fun! Your body will be so glad (I hope).
28th-Sep-2016 02:15 am (UTC)
Good for you on joining a gym! I hope you find it to be a rewarding experience! I think it will be good to have something to occupy and invest your time with and it might be a good door for meeting new people. I hope you enjoy the classes :)

Praying Jiffy's surgery goes well <3
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