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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
16th-Sep-2016 12:14 pm
James singing - music notes
Over the last few days it seems as if a few of my f-list have listed some songs, or music details.  Well I had to go to the dentist again today, for the tooth problem that started at Easter.  She took an impression for a plate to fill the gap, but doubts I can have one as my bite is wrong ... I do think at 55 it's a bit late to change that!!  Anyway, we wait and see what the technitions say.

Anyway, back to music.  As well as inheriting photos, jewellery, books etc from Mum I also gained an increase in her CDs.  I was listening to some this morning in the car (well I have to use a USB) and heard one song which I admit to loving ....

Not quite a 2016 #1, but fun none the less!
16th-Sep-2016 03:18 pm (UTC)
Oh I love Formby... You know I watched a show about him and I had never realised how he used very risky lyrics for the time, but enough to get under the line so it's all good. During school holidays I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at my Gran's house and there was a film in the afternoon on both days, usually black and white and she would sit with the volume on full, with her hand on top of the telly (she was deaf), "listening" to the songs when they came on. She was a huge fan and as I got older I pushed that away cos it was not cool or whatever happens during the teen years. But since hitting 30 I watch clips of him on youtube and have even got some of his films and he was great. I have not listened for a while to him so thank you for bringing back the memories and the fact that Gina might email you telling you off for what I am going to be playing in the background while on my PC for the next couple of days LOL

Hope the dental went well, I agree, 55 years is a bit late to change it. :)
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