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John James Weatherhogg B Sc, M Sc, DIC, Ph D : 27th November 1924 - 2nd September 2016

How do I write what I have to write - especially after 36 hours of being awake, but I suppose the easiest thing to say is that this morning, with Jiffy and myself by his side, Dad went Home to be with His Saviour & Lord.

He was such a lovely man, and I know touched the hearts of those he met. I shall miss him, the laughs we have had and the support he has given me. He has been such an inspiration to me, and the rest of the family. And, over these last 3 weeks sitting with him during the day, then staying those last 36 hours, so many of the staff (even those who had little to do with him) came to speak to him, to see one of his grins.
 photo DSC_0008_zpshssb6sek.jpg

 photo With dad_zpst3anffu6.png

Having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago, he learned the hard way about struggling, then less than a month after Mum died he had his major stroke, which was where I had to agree to the sad decision that he had to go into care. However I have seen how wonderfully he was looked after there for these last 9 months ... and especially over these last 3 weeks. But after struggling with he is now at peace, and reunited with Mum.

I know this doesn't really do justice to my wonderful father but I didn't sleep at all last night, so I shall do a proper post soon. Like with Mum I will be doing a eulogy, so will share that when I have my thoughts together ...

Until then I leave you with a couple of teasers - yes, my daddy

 photo IMG_1427 2_zps947h6xey.png

 photo DSC_0383_zpsmwiravf6.jpg
May 1935
 photo DSC_0078 2_zps44womnbo.jpg

I love you Dad xx xx
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