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There's Good News Ahead ... Well In England!

Yes as I trudged up to DJ's field through the damp weather and the puddles, surrounded ny mud; I did for a split second wonder what I was doing!!

Then DJ was a real sweetie - he met me half way across his field.  it is at times like that you realise why you are standing in a muddy field!

We walked in really well and then enjoyed a cuddle before I attempted to try to groom him.  You have seen the picture of how long his coat is at present and how muddy he gets ... well, it had rained overnight and was still damp, so he was sporting his "bog-monster" look!

Anyway - Here is the good news, for those living in England, Spring is on the way!  He tends to hang onto his coat ... and in previous years has been the last to moult ... Well, as I was attempting to sort him out my curry comb came away full of hair - so spring is coming.

Toni brought in Junior and as she (T) had been unwell this week, we just did the up the road and back ride.

Further evidence that Spring is coming - no I am not talking about the greenery, lambs or anything like that - but DJ was having a touch of Spring Fever - every puddle was out to get him ... so although we didn't go far, he and I had a great "workout".  Junior just strolled along ignoring his antics!

Back home - and he thought he needed a feed before going out to his field - well, don't forget he had to tell Conrad how clever he was, escaping from all those killer puddles!!

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